International Brain Alliance (IBA)

Evolutionary & environmental health

Motto: Caring and sharing wisdom and love

Aims of IBA:

  • Collect the best and brightest brains from all over the world to put the following concept into action.
  • To overcome dementia and other NCD by establishing evolutionary health without drugs by changing/optimizing the individual environment.
  • To provide to every child the chance of unfolding his mental, spiritual and physical abilities

Everybody is invited to support the concept according to his means: institutions as well as individuals

  • By adding their personal or institutional knowledge and skills to the Alliance
  • By transferring and implementing the accumulated knowledge of the Alliance into their individual environment
  • By sponsoring the activities and projects of the Alliance

Projects (preliminary list):

  • Life SMS: Overcoming/preventing Multiple sclerosis, Dementia and other brain diseases
  • “Brain Food” as a standard mean for workplace health concepts
  • Improving pregnancy and childhood outcomes by risk modulation
    • Establishing vitamin D supplementation in pregnancy
    • Establish concomitant health counselling for pregnant women and their partners as well as parents of young children
  • Overcoming Diabetes type II (and possibly also preventing type I)
  • Preventing dementia
  • Overcoming tobacco abuse

Contact for further information: Prof. Dr. J.